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Musician Sebastian Jimenez is Missing the Stage

Sebastian Jimenez is one of the most successful Latino guitar players in Los Angeles.

We’ve seen him playing in most of the biggest shows in the City of Angeles, but due to COVID-19, there won't be shows for a while, so he is missing the adrenaline of playing live… He shared a beautiful black & white photo on Instagram walking down the streets of Beverly Hills with his guitar and captioning it “The closest I am from playing outside”

Sebastian shared the stage as a special guest with the popular Mexican band Maná at the acclaimed Forum Arena.

“Put yourself in-front of 16,000 people shouting at you and imagine how that sounds, even louder that my guitar. The fans loved the show and playing with Mana is incredible. Every member of the band has a huge heart and they show it on stage and outside the stage.” Jimenez said.

The guitarist and artist is recognized and admired for his incredible stage presence and talent with the instrument. Sebastian always demonstrates and transmits his energy and passion both through live performances and in recording sessions that attracts the attention of big audiences.

Sebastian Jimenez recorded in the "Beautiful Blue" EP of Kairvina, mastered the EP "Eat the World" of his main band High Society Homeless and has recorded with Hgroove on some of his songs such as “Que Pasa" and "Amazing Life".



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