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Sofia Vergara, Comedy TV Star of 2020 by People's Choice Awards

Sofia Vergara won last night a very special award for her. 'Modern Family' had its final season this year, so she knew this is the last award she'll ever receive for her beloved show.

"This is a very, very special award because, as you know, nine months ago we finished Modern Family forever," Sofía said during her acceptance speech. "So, this is the last award that I'm ever, ever gonna receive for the show, the show that changed my life. My career."

"I want to thank you for making me a part of this fantastic show," she added. "I really, really, really miss it. I love it. I had the best time in my life, and I appreciated every single moment I was there."

Sofia has always shown her concern with the pandemic we are living, so before leaving the stage, she urged viewers to wear a mask. Then she screamed "I miss you, Ed O'Neill!" (Her screen husband).

Later on she posted a photo on her Instagram showing how she had ran to the car covering her nose and mouth with her long Dolce & Gabbana red dress.



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