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Musical Duo ModSkull Are Helping Other Artists to Get Their Ideas Out

The music duo ModSkull formed by a DJ and a producer is now helping other artists to achieve their musical goals.

They have proven to successfully create musical hits followed specially by fans of Electronic Dance Music. But ModSkull is now expanding their reach to get, not only to those who attend big festivals like EDC Las Vegas or Tomorrowland, but all kinds of music fans.

The duo is now making music for other artists who need the help of professionals. On their new ventures ModSkull is not going to leave any genre untouched, from trap to electro, hip hop, and bass house to festival anthems. They can make it all.

The duo is verified on Spotify with releases on EDM.COM label AIA and Max Vangeli label Noface Records. They also have their tracks on Spotify, such as ‘Holi F’, ‘Punch your Face’, or ‘I Don’t Need and a Few More’, which have attracted many listeners.

Their target audience is massive because music has no age limit, from the middle-aged to the very young. They said this in a statement “We are opening our music production studio to help all the artist get their idea out with the best result”.

The DJ and Producer also informed the public of their excitement on their landing with a release on big record labels and touring worldwide, making shows for big clubs and music festivals in the world.

Modskull shared their passion for creating music and how much joy it brought to people's lives.

Connect with Modskull on Instagram and Spotify.



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