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Miami Music and Fashion Icon, Radmila Lolly, Brings "MAGIC" to Marlins' Opening Game

At the opening game of the Miami Marlins' season on Thursday, March 30th, Radmila Lolly delivered a sensational performance that honored the city of Miami. With DJ Mike Tee and musicians from the Henry Mancini Institute of The Frost School of Music by her side, she presented a medley of her hit single "MAGIC" and its remix "MAGIC (Miami Beach House Remix)," a collaboration with DJ Mike Tee. The crowd at LoanDepot Park rose to their feet and cheered as they watched the unforgettable show.

Lolly wanted to showcase this particular song as a tribute to her hometown of Miami. She shared, "When I first wrote this piece, my ultimate goal was for it to be adopted as a Miami anthem. It fills me with great pride to now have the opportunity to perform it as the opening act for the Miami Marlins season, and to introduce the 'MAGIC' of Miami to a fresh audience."

This is not the first time Radmila has combined her arts of both music and fashion with her love of Miami sports. In 2022, Radmila sang the national anthem at a Miami Heat game, accompanied by a string orchestra of all women dressed in her Radmila’s couture gowns from her couture fashion house Eltara Casata by Radmila Lolly. Radmila herself was wearing a jumpsuit and matching cape she also designed for Eltara Casata, that was covered in crystal fringe that weighed a combined 50 pounds! Radmila is a devoted Heat fan, and has gone viral numerous times for her own designed “jersey gowns”. She is known for her uniquely fashionable courtside attire, with Heat fans waiting to see what she will wear at each upcoming game.

She has never been afraid to stay true to her personal style, even when attending sports events: “I never compromised on my personal style, because I always dress the way I feel. I think that people can always tell when someone is being authentic to who they are, and that’s why my outfits are resonating with fans. To me, sports is a very exciting event and place to be at – so why not dress up for it? A game is a celebration of your team, so come dressed up for the occasion!”

Although Radmila never expected her careers in the arts of music and fashion to bring her to sports, she couldn’t be happier about where she has ended up. “Your path in life can be very unexpected – you never know where it really is going to lead, you just have to stay true to yourself and keep working. To me, sports is like my oasis now, which I never would have expected even five years ago. I think people appreciate that I don’t pretend, that I don’t act like I was always in sports – they like to watch the journey and the evolution along with me. It also shows that you can become a fan at any age and stage in your life, and from any part of the world. I was not born in America, and none of my career paths were connected to sports at all. The Miami sports world has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m very grateful for it”.



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