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Mark Horton Presents Six Songs Recorded Entirely Live

Mexican musician, composer and producer, Mark Horton presents 6 songs recorded entirely live with internationally renowned musicians from Veracruz MX.

Mark brings his style to a different level, looking to give pop rock a very fresh and edgy indie touch. Bass, brass, drums, guitars, choirs and percussions are just some of the instruments that were used in these 6 live sessions. Among the musicians who participated we have Pyo Portilla, Valeria Cruz and Oliver García.

Mark Horton born in the port of Veracruz. At an early age he showed genuine interest in music. At first taking individual classes, he was part of the Mexican Institute of Music and Contemporary Art and was a member of several musical groups.

With 22 years of career, and thanks to his performance as a producer of mass events nationwide, Mark had a very clear idea that his project had to be share it. Reconexión, is an important episode in his musical career and will definitely be marked for its connection with the unfortunate pandemic that shook 2020, the period in which this material was created.

Mark began to develop the idea of ​​recording the songs, in a live session in which all the musical aspects were covered in detail, in the company of other musicians, equally committed to this profession, and carefully chosen to obtain a genuine result and with a clear message.

In a strict sense, reconnecting on a spiritual level helps us heal on a physical, mental and emotional level, placing us in a relationship of fullness with the universe.

One of the most important motivations in the realization of this material is to leave a clear message to your family, friends, acquaintances and unknown, in the sense that dreams are pursued, what is desired can be done and we must be right with ourselves, without seeking banal recognition; rather as a peaceful communication tool, in the proper form of music.

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