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Drew Barrymore Launches her New Talk Show with Many Surprises…

Barrymore's new talk show began yesterday with a Charlie's Angels reunion with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

But do you know how Drew invites her guests to come to the show? As she confessed, to save time, she sent a video to Cameron Diaz while coming out of the shower, asking her to come as a guest to The Drew Barrymore Show. But Drew’s phone did something strange and sent the video to some boy instead…

"I'm so comfortable; I mean, we have lived together all over the world," Barrymore said. "So of course, to save time, I sent her a video while I'm getting dressed. And you don't see anything, I'm not that dumb, but I'm getting out of the shower and (wearing) a towel."

After not hearing back from Diaz for a couple of days, Barrymore called her friend to see what was up. "Turns out, a young boy got the video," Barrymore explained.

"Lucky him!" Diaz said, laughing. (Barrymore resent it.) "By the way, it's like, seven minutes long. It's epic. Honestly, this (material) is gonna last him like three or four years."

"The thing I love about our friendship is that we have been there in all the big and important moments," Barrymore said. "We've also been there in the small moments and the casual moments, and we are such good friends because it's real. We go through real stuff with each other. It's not a Hollywood fairy tale."

While keeping their social distance, they opened up about how motherhood and 2020 changed their way of living life.

"In my 20s, I felt very bulletproof. I didn't really care if I lived or died," Liu said. "I lost my father a few years ago, and I didn't really recognize the levels that we have in our lives. He was a place in my life that was always sort of a roof, and then suddenly the roof has been torn off. Then you sort of recognize, 'Oh, I am now the roof.' I happen to have a child, so now I am the roof to that child and I have to shelter him. I have a responsibility. It's a very powerful thing, but it's also terrifying."

Adam Sandler also made his appearance in the show with a sketch they did of 50 First Dates, the film in which they starred together in 2004.

The future guests of the show include: Reese Witherspoon, Jane Fonda, Billy Porter, Gabrielle Union and Charlize Theron.



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