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Don’t Miss the Upbeat Single ‘Freestyle Fiesta’ by Hgroove/Hassan Dahik

Hassan has released four singles, “Amazing Life,”, “Freestyle Fiesta,” “Que Pasa” and “California Guy” as well as releasing songs with other bands that had been people’s favorites for some years, all of these are available on all streaming platforms. But today we want to introduce you to the upbeat energetic single ‘Freestyle Fiesta’.

Photographer: Cat White

Before Covid, Hassan used to play in the best-known music venues in the city, such as The Mint, and The State Social House regularly. We miss so much attending his performances but lately we have been following him on Twitch and Sessions, where he has been able to stay in touch and engage with his fans.

His high energy Latin sound is comprised of a mix of Ska, Funk, Hip hop and Rock.

He is best known and praised for his live shows. The frontman and bassist plays with intensity and a hyper spirit, which gets every crowd dancing. When HGroove was 11 years old, he went to his dad’s house in Chicago and discovered a room full of instruments. He was automatically drawn to the bass. He picked up the instrument and hasn’t stopped grooving for 15 years.

He was a self-taught bassist for 6 years before he began his music education at Universidad de Las Americas. He studied bass performance for 3 years, during which he often performed live and gained a following because of his energetic showmanship and melodic songwriting.

In 2015 Hassan received a scholarship to attend LA College of Music where he received a degree in Songwriting. During that time, he continued to build his following in Los Angeles, all while independently writing, recording, and releasing music.

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