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Monégasque Actress Stars In Two Coca Cola Campaigns

Emanuela Boisbouvier was the lead actress in two Coca Cola commercials, to what she says: “The experience of doing my first Coca Cola commercial was unprecedented, and was fascinating for me! The following year, I was very lucky because the first short film I ever acted in, Never Leave Me, was directed by Elon Zlotnik. He happened to be one of the producers of the second commercial, and the team wanted to hire me”.

Boisbouvier is also one of the lead actresses in the film ‘A New Verse’ directed by Cameron Thuman. The film was screened at the New Jersey Golden Door Film Festival as well as at the Westfield International Film Festival, and at the 7th Annual Muestra Intergalactica Festival in Mexico, in which ‘A New Verse’ was selected as an honorable mention.

In the film, she plays the protagonists’ girlfriend. She struggles with being proud of him for his musical achievements but also envy him because she feels like she cannot pursue her own passion which is painting. She tries to make him understand that she is moving away to get a job and get serious about her life and can’t keep living in this fantasy world. The breakup propels the protagonist into what follows in the film (financial frustration, leading to a robbery, leading to a murder).

Emanuela has two films about to come out: ‘Rooftops and Birds’ and ‘Brain in a Vat’.

But the Monegasque actress, has also acted in a number of plays. ‘I am the Wind’ is a play by Jon Fosse, which was originally written for two men - The One and The Other, who travel by boat until The One commits suicide by drowning himself. The director, Charles Jin, chose to cast 2 women instead. The play is a complicated one in its essence, written in a style similar to Waiting for Godot - very mysterious, abstract, and cyclical. Emanuela says: “This was definitely a challenge to tackle as an actor - how to keep the audience engaged and root for you, especially when playing such complex characters. Our wonderful director staged this very artistically - with pauses, beats, music. It was very beautiful to watch. It was definitely a major challenge for me as an actor but loved every second of it and I believe that the story it told - one of friendship and fear and love and death, is one that can be so relatable to many people. I was honored to be able to be a part of it and give these characters a voice.”

Keep up with Emanuela and her career following her on Instagram at @emanuelaboisvouvier

Photographer: Cesar Uribe



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