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MASH’s Journey: From Brazil to LA, and the Music that Bridges Them

In the vibrant and diverse world of music, artists often emerge from various corners of the globe, each with their own unique stories and trajectories. Brazilian musician Matheus Granjeiro, widely known as MASH, is one such talent whose journey to Los Angeles has left a significant mark on the music scene. With his unique blend of musical influences and a profound love for the art, MASH has not only pursued his dream but has also become an advocate for the power of education and sharing musical knowledge with others.

MASH's musical journey began in his homeland before he ventured to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his passion for music. He enrolled at the prestigious Musicians Institute, a decision that would significantly shape his career.

Reflecting on his journey, MASH remarked, "If you told my younger self I would have a bachelor's degree in music, I would not have believed it. It was tough to convince my parents to study music and to become a musician, and I don't blame them for it." This sentiment is something many aspiring musicians can relate to, as the road to pursuing one's artistic dreams can be fraught with challenges and doubts.

MASH's time at the Musicians Institute proved transformative. He candidly shared, "I didn't study much theory before going to Musicians Institute. There, I learned so much about theory, and also about music structures, production, techniques, and the list goes on… It's not an exaggeration to say that going to school shaped me into the musician I am today. It helped me tremendously in understanding music more and falling even more in love with it."

One of the most profound lessons MASH learned during his time at the institute was the value of individuality and authenticity in music. He added, "Musicians Institute had students from all over the world. A valuable lesson I learned from there is that there are so many talented musicians in the world, and what's really important is to focus on your own music/art and your own message."

MASH's journey to Los Angeles not only transformed his understanding of music but also broadened his horizons as he interacted with musicians from diverse backgrounds. This experience not only enhanced his musical prowess but also enriched his perspective on the global music community.

MASH's upcoming single, "A Step Back," is set to be released on October 6th. His music releases have garnered a dedicated following, and his tracks have become a popular choice for the soundtrack of countless Instagram videos, a testament to the universal appeal of his music.

Beyond his own musical endeavors, MASH is committed to giving back to the community and sharing his knowledge with aspiring musicians. He has taken to YouTube to create informative videos, where he discusses his songwriting and production processes. MASH's desire to share his experiences and techniques reflects his passion for music education and mentorship. He stated, "I want to show and teach them things I used throughout my tracks in hopes that they can learn something and use it in their own life."

In addition to educational content, MASH also showcases his versatility by covering songs, paying homage to the artists who have inspired him. He remarked, "Informative videos on YouTube helped me when I was learning guitar and how to write music. My favorite cover I've done so far is 'Where Are You Going' by Dave Matthews. I intend on covering many more songs in the future."

Matheus Granjeiro, AKA MASH, is a musician whose journey to Los Angeles has not only brought his musical aspirations to life but also turned him into a symbol of determination and artistic pursuit. Through his music, education initiatives, and passion for sharing, MASH continues to inspire aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide, proving that the pursuit of dreams knows no borders or boundaries. As he releases "A Step Back," fans can eagerly anticipate yet another milestone in his remarkable musical journey.



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