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Mariana Sanjuan, The New Colombian Artist to Watch

Lately, it seems that Colombian artists are conquering the world of entertainment. The success of figures like Sofia Vergara, Shakira, Maluma, and many other Colombian talents has paved the way for their compatriots. Today we want to talk about the Colombian actress Mariana Sanjuan, who left her hometown, Bogota, to take her career to another level in Los Angeles.

In this city, Mariana graduated with honors summa cum laude in Acting for Film, and later obtained a Bachelor's degree in Acting for Film magna cum laude from the New York Film Academy. Her work and talent has positioned her as an actress to watch in the entertainment industry.

Since her arrival in the city that promises to make dreams come true, Mariana has not stopped working and receiving awards. Her participation in films like "Alone," directed by Roy Shellef, is one we want to highlight, as it addresses a theme with which we can all identify. "Alone," an award-winning short film at international festivals such as the Port Blair International Film Festival and the Vesuvius International Film Festival, addresses the loneliness faced by five people around the world as a result of a pandemic that occurred seven years ago. In her role as Helen, Mariana manages to convey the anger and anguish that comes with facing such a devastating situation. Additionally, she collaborated closely with the director to infuse elements of her Colombian culture into the character, an important goal for her in her artistic career.

Mariana's performances are recognized for showcasing the duality and complexity of characters, adding depth to her interpretations.

In the past four years, in addition to participating in numerous films, Mariana Sanjuan has been involved in several commercials, one of them an industrial made for one of the top 25 video production companies in Los Angeles: Local Eyes Productions. Mariana was chosen to portray Amanda, who is a patient dealing with mental health issues and will encounter a Community Health Worker. She was able to do this job thanks to being bilingual, as these videos are linguistically and culturally relevant for use in the training of Spanish-speaking Community Health Workers in southern Texas.

Mariana doesn’t want to do just the projects that come her way as an actress, she wants to create those stories she wants to tell. Sanjuan has created a very personal project: a web series titled "Endo Diaries: Behind my pain and my joy." The Colombian actress publicly revealed that she was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis, making this project a cause close to her heart. Not only did she take on the lead role, but she also took the reins of production, demonstrating her commitment to raising awareness and representing important issues for society.

In a world where Latin voices are gaining increasing visibility, Mariana Sanjuan is carving her path towards a career where she not only tells stories but also helps those who suffer not to feel alone, with the aim of making a difference in the entertainment industry.




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