Marc Oliver Releases His New Single Outlaw

The multi-talented independent San Diego -based singer-songwriter and producer Marc Oliver presents a new single which was released on all streaming platforms together with a music video on July 15th. The Pop/R&B artist has been taking the music industry by storm over the past 25 years with no end in sight. After working in a producer-artist capacity and collaborating behind the scenes in many projects, Marc Oliver has delved into his past with a nod to his future, on a brand-new song.

Marc Oliver has toured the world playing in various festivals and shared the stage with some of the industry's biggest names like Jewel, Pat Benetar, and John Legend.

“With Outlaw, my first thought was when I’m standing on a stage in a stadium, with thousands of people around, I want to see them with their hands up! In the excitement of a live show, that moment where everyone is feeling it. That’s the moment where everyone is feeling it.” – Marc Oliver. The song was produced by Marc Oliver & Death Beach in San Diego, California. The video was directed and produced by Mitch Lamoureux and filmed by Blue Print Productions. The video materializes a creative concept based entirely on the elements of a western style vibe

How does it feel to be releasing music after not doing so for a few years now?

It feels amazing! I'm loving every minute of being back on this journey.

What was the process like writing “Outlaw”?

Outlaw was written in the moment. I just jumped up and started playing. Started with the drums, then the guitar and it felt like I wanted to voice out my emotions, kind of like in a movie, as a narrator speaking behind a scene, to get everyone excited about what is going to happen. And then, I really wanted people to put their hands up high while I'm playing, so, I wrote it as an outlaw sticking up a bank or something in old western style, kind of like 'Young guns".Then it came to life.

Can you tell us more about this new music coming from you?

It's everything that I've been working on for years. It twists and turns through a variety of sound and inspiration. I love playing music and having fun while doing it and I think that becomes my sound, my music.

What has helped you get inspired to write your upcoming album?

Life. The ups and downs we all go through. This record has been coming together for a few years and nothing makes me feel more free than to write and play music. I took a break from my music career a few years back. That time showed me what I was supposed to be doing. I was inspired by finding who I was again, it led me right back, lost my fears and got back out there.

Is there anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with in the future?

Ryan Tedder, My mentor Graham Edwards, Mark Ronson, and Jay-Z

Since you’re putting out new music we expect some live shows in the future, are you excited to get back on stage again?

Yes! I love it on stage. playing for people, watching them enjoy themselves while listening to your music is unbelievable. It is where I feel at home. It is nice to be back.

What are you working on now, or what are you working on next?

I am working on what is coming next, right now. We will be filming 4 more music videos for the next four singles to be put out over the next 5-6 months. Then after that, I will probably put the full length out, then do it all over again. During all of this I would love to get back out on the road.

If could send a message to your fans what would it be?

Have fun, be yourself, believe in the things you do, and when you're looking to have fun, come find me. We will do it together.