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Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Difficult Emotional Times

At the beginning of June, singer Kelly Clarkson announced her divorce from her seven-year husband Brandon Blackstock, who is also her manager. Quarantine Made Kelly Clarkson realize her marriage couldn’t be saved.

Now the ‘Because of You’ singer has talked to Glamour U.K. and said in a Glamour U.K's series Glamour Unfiltered she's been on an "emotional roller coaster."

"This has been really hard as a working parent, because I'm still doing all the same jobs,"

"I'm just doing all the jobs, and it's just been exhausting honestly. Plus, you know, cooking every meal and cleaning nonstop after toddlers and teenagers. I'm trying to be a happy distraction for everyone and it gets old seeing the same sweatshirt, you know, over and over. So, it's like all things are crazy."

Blackstock and Clarkson have two children together.

Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and were making a conscious effort to work things out. They both hoped quarantining away from LA in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead the change in environment was actually detrimental.

All of these changes is the singer’s life have been an emotional struggle.



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