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Jamie Foxx Speaks Out for First Time Since Hospitalization

Updated: Mar 20

Jamie Foxx recently opened up about his life-altering medical emergency, describing his journey as going "to hell and back." After being hospitalized due to an undisclosed medical complication in April, the actor expressed his gratitude for still being alive in a heartfelt video message to his fans on Instagram.

"I cannot even begin to tell you how far it took me and how it brought me back," Foxx shared while thanking his supporters and family for their unwavering backing. He revealed that he faced an ordeal he never thought he would encounter, leaving him deeply shaken.

During his recovery period, Foxx intentionally stayed away from the public eye, spending time in Chicago to receive specialized medical treatment at a rehabilitation facility renowned for caring for patients with physical impairments, brain injuries, or spinal injuries. The actor confessed, "I just didn't want you to see me like that. I didn't want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through."

Addressing the rumors that had circulated on social media, claiming he was blind and paralyzed, Foxx firmly dismissed them in his video message, emphasizing that his eyes were in good working order and refuting any claims of paralysis.

Recently, the actor shared a photo of himself atop a gold race car outside a Las Vegas hotel, showcasing his affiliation with "BETMGM," an online sports betting company. Foxx expressed his gratitude for his association with the company and hinted at exciting projects to come.

In May, Foxx's daughter, Corinne Foxx, updated fans on her father's recovery progress through an Instagram post, assuring everyone that he had been out of the hospital for weeks and was actively recuperating. She even mentioned his recent engagement in a game of pickleball, a positive sign of his improving health.

Jamie Foxx's journey has undoubtedly been arduous, but his determination to bounce back and his gratitude for the support he received shine through, leaving fans hopeful for his continued recovery and the promising endeavors that lie ahead.



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