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How Lucy Luna is Bringing Latino Influence to Hollywood 

As the symbol for the entertainment industry, Hollywood is a melting pot of different cultures from across the globe. Actors, writers, directors, and producers who infiltrated the prestigious sector take the opportunity to champion their experiences and communities to open viewers to a new perspective.

The Latino community, for one, can count on screenwriter Lucy Luna to raise their standards. Although most of her pieces use the English language, working in Hollywood allowed Lucy to give Latino characters a voice and put them on screen, always moving away from the stereotypes that society associated with them throughout the years.

Lucy is among the few Mexicans who achieved a position in Hollywood, making her just as influential as the people viewers see on screen.

Just like many writers, Lucy draws inspiration from her experiences. When she wrote for the second season of The CW series “Two Sentence Horror Stories,” she based the episode “El Muerto” on her childhood. The episode also cast Latino characters to further highlight the Mexican-inspired story.

She was the only Mexican writer in the room, making her a crucial member of the team when it came to developing Mexican stories during the season. “El Muerto” was nominated for two Imagen Awards in 2021, namely Best Director and Best Young Actress. Her episode was the only one nominated at the time, making Lucy a significant piece for Stage 13 since she also got the producer nominated for these awards.

A big part of her present career stems from her family. Lucy grew up with her mother and two brothers in Morelia, Mexico. Even though they were a small family, they encouraged and fed each other’s dreams. And for Lucy, it was their tradition of watching movies with her family every weekend that sparked her interest in the entertainment industry.

Lucy’s many accomplishments include selling “Tales of a Scalpel” to CBS Studios, an original show she created, and becoming the first Mexican woman to accomplish such a feat. Lucy is indeed a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pushing for better representation of Latino and Mexican communities in Hollywood films and series.

While most people can say that Lucy achieved great heights in her career, she knows that this is only the beginning of her mission of training the spotlight on Latino stories and characters for audiences to enjoy on both the big and small screens.



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