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Dj Natash Released his EP “HIP DRIP”

Dj Natash recently released his project titled “HIP DRIP”, a very personal project, that he made in 3 months. “HIP DRIP” was produced by the beat maker Dmajxr, a mixer in India. The artistic project of four sounds, is characterized by its cloud sounds, and it invites people to escape "the time of a music" or "a whole life". But it also depicts his loves, and the passage of time.

Dj Natash Khan presents himself as a melancholic artist who introduces us to travel, in the meanders of his imagination.

Natash Khan is a well-known Dj from India that puts everyone on the dance floor with his music. He has performed in a number of venues around the world.

Don’t miss his music and check out his project “HIP DRIP” here:



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