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Celebrities Who Left the Spotlight for 'Normal' Jobs

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, known for his portrayal of Mike Seaver in Growing Pains, shifted his career focus from acting to become a full-time author and religious activist. He underwent a religious transformation during his time on the show, becoming a born-again Christian and advocating for changes to scripts that conflicted with his beliefs. Recently, he has been primarily involved in producing Christian documentaries.

Josh Saviano

Josh Saviano gained recognition for his portrayal of Paul Joshua Pfeiffer in the popular 80's TV series, The Wonder Years, but he had a relatively short-lived acting career beyond this role. After his final television appearance in 1989, he pursued higher education and obtained a degree in political science from Yale University. Later, he transitioned into a career as a corporate lawyer. Despite this, he made a brief appearance as a guest in Law & Order in 2016.

Lark Voorhies

During the 90s, the cast of Saved by the Bell, including Lark Voorhies, were widely recognized by their audience and household names. Despite their success, some cast members disappeared from the limelight and ventured into different careers. While Lark Voorhies enjoyed her stint in Hollywood, she eventually abandoned her passion for acting and pursued other interests. After leaving show business, she became a successful author and has since refrained from acting.



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