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Actress Danielle Vasinova Shines While Picking Up her “Women of the Year” Award

Actress Danielle Vasinova just won the International Actress Award at the Glamour magazine Bulgaria Women Of The Year awards. The actress has a long successful trajectory in the film industry having worked in a number of important Hollywood productions and with appearances in some of the most popular, even iconic, shows in the past three decades including Dexter, The Kominsky Method, Nip/Tuck, Ballers, MacGyver, The Practice, Rules Of Engagement, among others.

“It was such an honor to be surrounded by such smart, talented, powerful, incredible women that are doing great things to make this world a better place and are breaking down doors for other women. When we uplift each other we can accomplish anything. I am living proof that dreams really do come true” says Danielle about the awards.

While picking up the statue, Vasinova gave an emotional speech putting some of the audience members in tears when dedicating the award to her grandmother. “My grandmother was an actress and singer in Prague. She gave up her career in the arts in search of a better life in America. She inspired me to pursue my career in acting and instilled in me the belief that we each have to achieve our dreams.” Vasinova says.

Danielle is American, but she’s now preparing for a Spanish project where she plays a Latina. “I have Hispanic roots and in the past, I’ve been offered Latina roles because of my look but I couldn’t do them because I didn’t speak Spanish. However, I know the importance and quality of the Spanish productions. I found out I have Spanish heritage and I got curious about working in the Hispanic market. If I wanted to do this, I had to study Spanish, so I started doing so. Then I was offered this Latina role that was an incredible career opportunity. The preparation for this role is exciting because it gives me another way to connect with my Spanish heritage. I hope that by knowing more about my character I will know more about myself.”

She’s also getting ready to do the Neo-Noir L.A. action film Darkness of Man, directed and written by James Cullen Bressack. Jean-Claude Van Damme will star in the film playing an Interpol operative who must protect the son of a murdered informant from merciless gangs. Danielle will play the role of Sabrina Whittaker.

Danielle is now focused on uplifting other women. Her personal investments are focused on women’s owned businesses such as a vegan restaurant called Sugar Taco, and a tequila brand called Azucar. She is also developing an inspirational speaking program to share her experiences and help other women to achieve their dreams.

Her more than 4M Instagram followers will be able to enjoy her new work very soon in cinemas. Stay posted with Danielle’s new adventures!



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