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What to do for Thanksgiving Holiday Vacations

Last year 55 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving and 115 million traveled for Christmas. With travel upended in 2020, what should we expect this year in terms of holiday vacations?

The experts at Travevel offer insight into:

  • What destinations are 2020 holiday travel hotspots?

We are seeing rapidly changing trends in holiday travel as more destinations are opening to tourism once again.  Just a few months ago, we were seeing a large amount of close to home day and weekend trips focused on outdoors destinations like national parks, beaches etc.  In the last few weeks we have noticed a large increase in last minute international travel plans, not only to short flight destinations like Mexico and Caribbean islands, but a lot of activity to South Pacific locations that have opened to international travel.

  • Who is traveling this year?

Surprisingly, every type of traveler looks to be traveling in one way or another.  While many families with children are staying close to home so they don’t have to worry about Covid testing and travel authorizations, couples and singles don’t seem to be as concerned and are going for it and looking international. 

  • How COVID-19 is impacting holiday travel?

The impact Covid is having on travel this year looks to be based more on what destinations are open than concern about the virus itself.  The majority of people we talk to here at home, or when we are in Jamaica, say that after being locked down for so long, they will do whatever is necessary and take as many precautions as they need to get away.  Travel is picking up at a rapid pace.

  • How can people stay safe while traveling for the holidays?

The best way to protect yourself while traveling is to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself when in public areas.  Wearing a mask around others and washing your hands frequently is your first line of defense.  We personally choose to visit areas or properties where they are going above and beyond to ensure our safety.  Always look at the protocols that are in place before deciding on a destination or activity.  If there is anything that makes you uneasy, keep looking until you find the destination that makes you feel safe.

  • Any General holiday travel trends?

The biggest trend we are seeing isn’t based on destination or activities, but what they can do for a last minute booking.  As time goes on, people are getting more and more restless and noticing the effect limited movement is having on their mental health, they are making the choice to get away and breathe.

  • How do we know what countries can we travel to and their restrictions?

The best way to start is a quick internet search, but we need to understand that the restrictions are constantly changing. It is always best to visit the official government tourism or immigration website to check the entry requirement first hand.  Never rely solely on groups or message boards as we have seen a vast amount of incorrect information being shared and witnessed many people turned away at the airport or destination country because they didn’t have the appropriate documentation.

By Leann Campas.



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