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What Happened to the Judges of AGT?

Sofia Vergara was the last addition to the panel of judges of America’s Got Talent and she’s quickly become everyone’s favorite judge in a short period of time.

Her charming personality has been making us laugh for many years now specially since she because very well-known with her show Modern Family.

The other day she made us laugh again with a post on her Instagram where she showed a “sad” face completely covered on cake. What happened to her and the other judges?

This Colombiana became the best paid actress in the world for a reason.

But her beginnings were very different. She was born is Barranquilla, a town without many opportunities, but a town that has made some of the biggest stars in the world, such as her fellow citizen Shakira.

Sofia didn’t want to be an actress or a model she wanted to be a doctor or a dentist. But life took her in a different route.

Few semesters from graduating from dentistry she got a life changing opportunity. When she was 17, she was approached by a photographer during the family outing. She initially turned down his offer because of her Catholic faith but she later received permission from the strict sisters at her Catholic school to pursue modeling.

The offer was to do a Pepsi commercial that became a huge success and the rest is history…



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