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Unveiling 'AWARENESS': Silvia Kal's Role in Spain's Streaming Success Story

Actress Silvia Kal, returned to her hometown, Madrid, a year ago to be a part of one of Amazon Prime's most ambitious and successful productions: "AWARENESS." This science fiction and action film, directed by Daniel Benmayor and produced by Federation Spain, has managed to secure the number 1 spot worldwide on the streaming platform, marking a milestone in the Spanish film industry.

Silvia Kal, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting in major Hollywood productions, has proven her worth in the demanding world of international cinema. After building her career in independent productions and gaining recognition for her acting talent, Silvia was chosen to be part of the cast of "AWARENESS."

The plot of "AWARENESS" revolves around a teenager with supernatural powers who lives with his father and uses his abilities to carry out small scams, creating visual illusions in unsuspecting victims. However, things take an unexpected turn when the protagonist's powers spiral out of control in public, setting off a series of action-packed and science fiction events. The film boasts a star-studded cast, including Carlos Scholz (Toy Boy), María Pedraza (Elite), Pedro Alonso (Casa de Papel), Oscar Jaenada (Luis Miguel), and Lela Loren (American Gods).

Despite living in Los Angeles, Silvia Kal didn't hesitate to fly back to Madrid to participate in "AWARENESS," showcasing her passion for her work and her desire to contribute to the success of the Spanish film industry. The movie, blending elements of science fiction and action with an exciting plot, has received praise from both critics and audiences. Last year, Kal received the prestigious "Women Of The Year" award from Glamour Bulgaria in the "Actress to Watch" category. This award proved to be an accurate prediction, as her involvement in "AWARENESS" has propelled her to worldwide attention.

Silvia Kal is an example of the talent and versatility of Spanish actors who have conquered the world of international cinema. "AWARENESS" is just the beginning of a testament to the global impact that Spanish productions can achieve in the entertainment industry.

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