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This Documentarian Shows the Reality of the Slums Around the World

Dominican content creator Pablo Rodríguez, known as "Capricornio Tv," continues to create quality content, connecting with the essence and culture of each country he visits. He showcases the reality experienced in the slums of the world, often risking his life to capture the best images that will serve to document his experience.

"I create an inexplicable connection with vulnerable people the moment I start a conversation with them to understand how they live and the situations they face. This way, I feel that each report takes its production course immediately," expressed the neighborhood communicator, as he is also known.

It is worth noting that he was the first in Latin America to create this type of content. More than 300 YouTubers follow in his footsteps, and he has tried to support the majority, as he is a source of inspiration for others, leaving his mark in each of the countries he visits, including Ecuador and Cuba.

For Capricornio Tv, social networks are a showcase for people with talent to make themselves known without having to wait for an opportunity in other traditional media. For this reason, he decided to show a reality that many do not know and that is often hidden.

In his daily agenda, he aims to visit at least two slums a day in the Dominican Republic, and for this year 2024, he wishes to showcase the reality of at least 6 countries, growing 40% more than what he has already achieved thanks to his dedication and discipline.

"The reality is that as a platform, we contribute a grain of communicational sand to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable population," emphasized the content creator, who has also participated in several films with world-renowned artists and is currently producing a documentary about his life, to be projected soon in his country's cinemas.

If you want to learn more about "The Neighborhood Communicator," you can follow his social networks: Instagram: @capricorniotvshow, Youtube: @CapricornioTV



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