Sport Fishing Yacht Exterior with a Luxury Relaxing Oasis and Spa-like Interior

When we think of yachts, we don't naturally think of sport fishing. When we think of sport fishing, we don't generally think of yachts, and if we do, they don't usually feature megayacht-style luxury interiors. We usually think of more rough and tumble looking boat, rather than exotic wood, polished nickel and Thassos backsplash tiles.

Patrick Knowles, the founder of Patrick Knowles Designs, created a relaxing oasis and spa-like interior for SPECULATOR, a refit (madeover) yacht project that delivered in September 2020. It is a sport fishing yacht outside (rugged, built to reel in big fish, tons of equipment but all hidden so it looks beautiful) with a sleek and tailored interior design. 

For interior design fans and yacht lovers, Patrick created a video that shares the sumptuous details of his redesign of SPECULATOR. Check it out!


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