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Singer Sarodj Bertín Releases her New Single "Wacala"

Sarodj doesn't stop. Under her label, Symphonic, the Haitian singer has released a new single titled "Wacala" which has started to climb very well on the main digital platforms.

It is a song in Creole and Spanish produced by the Dominican Grammy winner, Al Cover.

It should be noted that Sarodj is the cover of the renowned playlist "Lo Nuevo Vibe" on the Audiomack music platform where you can also listen to her song "Wacala"

This song that has caught the attention of streaming sites just hours after its launch has been added to multiple "playlists" such as Reggaetoneras ”and“ Sak Pasé ”of the also renowned music platform Tidal.

Sarodj Bertín has revolutionized Latin music by creating new colors and sounds by merging Haitian rhythms with other genres.

"The combination of Spanish with Creole is something new in my music, that in addition has caused the public's curiosity about Haiti, its language and culture," says Sarodj.

This explosive fusion has come naturally to her, as it is part of her essence. She has always remained very attached to her Haitian roots, and growing up in the Dominican Republic, she has adopted the Latino culture.

Sarodj has the best of both cultures, and that is what she projects through her music, which, according to her, motivates and empowers women by reminding them of how strong they are and how much they are worth.

"My music also promotes solidarity and brotherhood between two different cultures and countries that share the beautiful island of Hispaniola," she stressed.

Sarodj Bertín rose to fame in 2010 by winning the Miss Haiti crown, and since then her career has been skyrocketing.

Her artistic debut was made with the single "Don't Leave me Alone", a duet with the urban exponent of Mozart La Para

This song was a great success, leading her to collaborate with other popular urban music artists such as Kiko el Crazy, Químico Ultramega, Atys Panch, Chimbala and Shelow Shaq.

The interpreter also of "Mawozo", "Una noche", "Only fans", "Wants to eat me" and "A friend", among others, leads the TikTok platform, and has gone viral with several of her singles, in addition to the 1.8 million followers who follow her on Instagram.

Sarodj Bertín was recognized by USA Today as one of the nine most powerful women who positively impact society.

Likewise, she was awarded by the "African Oscars" (NAFCA) in 2013, and the "Humanitarian Award" at the "Motion Picture Association of Haiti" (MPAH), among others, as a result of her philanthropic work for her foundation. "Sarodj for a purpose".

Photographer: Lucas Rafael Mota



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