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Radmila Lolly Releases A Brand new Remix Of Magic

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Radmila Lolly always fought to be eclectic in her artistic choices. In most circles, she was not always readily accepted. Radmila says: “We are born into labels, so when we don’t meet certain criteria, people are frustrated and have a difficult time understanding an artist or appreciating them. Jack of all trades master of none, as the saying goes. “Radmila doesn’t believe in that saying, because “if your path or career is geared towards one goal, however, the different elements, it’s the same trade. For example, Radmila is a classical singer and a couture designer. The scientific word for it is synesthesia. It’s still all the same. Colors and sounds. That said our whole world is interconnected.”

Whatever your goal is, whatever your passion, you have to go for it. First, it’s a dream, then you plan and write everything down. You create a schedule and a list of tasks, then execute them one by one. Perhaps your path may pivot on your journey, but you will still be on the right path of your dreams and goals.

Radmila Lolly’s journey actually expanded on her way to pursuing her music and fashion goals.

She is a writer, director, composer, producer, and choreographer. Just an Artist is what she likes to be called.

Her upcoming project “DIVA” has all of her artistic talents displayed and hard work is the other prerequisite to achieving her end goal. Radmila is very excited to showcase such an ambitious project with the residency show.

In the meantime, Radmila is releasing the “MAGIC” remix by Mike Tee, which will be available on platforms in September letting the summer continue. Don’t miss out.

Check out Radmila’s IG for more upcoming projects, when they say NYC never sleeps, well Radmila never sleeps, she is a true renaissance lady.

Please tell us more about what you are up to these days and what your fans should be on the lookout for.

Well, this month I’m very excited to announce that the MAGIC remix is coming out in September. Producer and DJ Mike Tee remixed the original song. It has a completely different style than the original song. I absolutely love it. A remix is supposed to sound like a remix, not like the same song with a few slight changes. I really hope that you guys will like it.

What is your inspiration and where do you get all of this creativity?

I get inspired by so many different things.

Perhaps, when I see someone’s outfit or when I speak with certain people. Imagination is all around us. I think it’s important to open for an artist to open her mind and accept all the beauty on earth.

Our readers always ask us to ask artists we interview - what drives you and what are your fears?

Unfortunately, what drives me is the fear of failure. I’m working on it, because failure can mean so many things to different people. Someone’s failure is absolutely winning in life, so it’s all relative. I believe the most important thing is to stay grounded and grateful at all times.

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

The imaginary world is endless and it’s unique to each of us.

I love to escape the real world into my own imaginary world. I feel so happy when I’m in a creative environment.

You are also very much of a businesswoman, how do you do it all?

Well, I think it’s very important in any career that you are very familiar with the ins and outs of your business.

Of course, the more successful you become it isn’t possible to know or do everything yourself. However, you will know how to interview and what professional traits you are looking for in a team member.

Show Business is called Show Business for a reason. You need to know SHOW and BUSINESS.

What are the most disappointing and frustrating elements of being an artist?

I love being an artist. In any career choice, you will have supporters and haters. Don’t pay attention to people that don’t believe in you, pay attention to the people that believe in you, that’s who deserves your full focus and attention.

The funny thing is the haters will be the first ones to scream and say how they always knew you will succeed, it’s very ironic.

Stay focused, and nice. People will appreciate you and your goals.

Our last question is what is your beauty routine and what do you do for fun?

My morning starts with a face massage, cleanse, mask and sunscreen. I think it’s very important to refresh your skin, so I’ve done lasers, and micro-needling; I’m not a fan of cosmetic injectables so that’s just not for me.

For fun, I see my friends for dinners, Miami Heat games, and concerts. I have a great circle of friends, I’m very grateful for them.

One of my favorite things is just being with my mother and my cat his name is Dandy. I adopted him a few months ago. Overall, small pleasures are the biggest source of joy.



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