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Taking On Hollywood, Actress Courtney Hope!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Courtney Hope is currently seen as Sally Spectra on "The Bold And The Beautiful." She plays the great-niece of the famous original Sally Spectra played by Dalene Conley for 19 years on the show. Courtney is also known as 'Beth Wilder' in the hit video game and embedded TV show "Quantum Break", by Microsoft Studios (Xbox One) and Remedy Entertainment. She also filmed "Allegiant" (the Divergent Series) this past Summer in Atlanta, is a lead in the Indie Film, "Displacement" which won the Best Sci-Fi Movie at the Hollywood Film Festival this year (along with Golden Globe Winners Bruce Davison, Susan Blakely and Superman actress lead, Sarah Douglas), as well as, will be seen in Season 3 of the hit TV show, "Transparent", in a recurring role. Keep an eye out for this strong, young actress. Her biography is below:

Courtney Ann Hope was raised in Plano, Texas. From a very young age, she competitively danced and traveled with a dance troupe, as well as, pursued acting, modeling and gymnastics.

Performing at all of her school's talent shows, she begged at 13 years old to quit public school and attend a performing arts school, so that she could soon head to LA to pursue her dreams.

She graduated from the performing arts school at 15 years old and moved to LA, started college on her 16th birthday, and completed her Associates Degree by the age of 18 with a major in Psychology.

Shortly after arriving in LA, she booked several commercials and guest star roles on hit TV-shows such as Joan of Arcadia, CSI: Miami, Greys Anatomy, Out of Jimmy's Head and other hit shows. She landed a series regular role on a FOX pilot, "Born In The USA", the brain-child series of Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol. The show had a similar story-line to his British hit show, "The East Enders". Most recently she has been seen on TV shows such as NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), NCIS LA and Criminal Minds.

From there her career began to flourish, landing her first lead role in the Lionsgate and After Dark Films' horror-flick 'PROWL' and Indie films, 'Displacement' and 'Swelter', alongside Jeanne-Claude Van Damme.

To date, aside from TV and film Courtney has filmed over 40+ commercials, voice-overs, and shot many ads, as well as, modeled for many companies such as Guess, BEBE (runway), JC Penney, Domyos Fitness, Stairmaster and Nike.

Courtney is also a fitness instructor and continues to dance on a weekly basis. She also loves kick-boxing and yoga and does both often.

In her off time, she loves to write, edit photography, paint, hangout with her family and friends, listen to music, hike with her dog Stevie (named after Stevie Nicks) and continues to study Psychology and motivational speaking.



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