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Meet Hing Zhe Lee, the New Chinese Sensation

Hing Zhe Lee is the Chinese musician that everyone is talking about in Los Los Angeles. He is a singer, guitar player, and composer who had his future very clear. He knew he wanted to live in the City of Angels because that's where he was going to be able to show the world his talent and work with the best artists in the world.

This Chinese sensation moved to California and has since collaborated with some of the top artists in the music world such as songwriters who have worked with the likes of Gloria Estefan, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears, and also the music supervisors of the hit series "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead." There are no languages or cultures that can stop this charming artist. He even plays Latin pop-rock inspired by some of his idols: Juanes and Maná.

Hing focuses in Rock and Metal music but also composes ballads or pop music.

During quarantine, he is dedicated to composing themes for films and TV shows. Most of the time he is collaborating with other musicians via Zoom to compose new material every day. One of those creations will be coming out very soon in all the platforms. The name of the single is “Heaven”. Hing Zhe wrote it in honor of his best friend Marcus Choo who passed away three years ago due to suicide. Marcus had been undergoing depression and tried taking his life multiple times. Hing Zhe met Marcus when they were 7 years old. One day, while he was already living in the U.S. got a call from a friend in common telling him that their dear friend Marcus had taken his own life in the middle of the night. Hing Zhe was completely devastated, “I collapsed and couldn’t function for a few days because I couldn’t stop crying. I felt regret that I couldn’t be there to help him in his time of need” Lee says.

Follow him on Instagram: @thekinghing



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