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Luis Ger Quenches His Thirst For Knowledge and Passion for Music

As many people know, learning often starts at home and continues in school. Yet acquiring knowledge doesn’t stop within four corners. As far as Luis Ger is concerned, education is everywhere and is available to those ready to seize the opportunity.

Luis is an audio engineer, music producer, and singer-songwriter born and raised in Mexico City before moving to Los Angeles, California. He can’t get enough of learning, and his hunger for knowledge has become more than just a fleeting yearning. It also allowed him to fall under the mentorship of notable musicians in the industry.

His determination to become educated in his chosen profession empowered him to use all his resources to move to Los Angeles and study Music Production and Engineering. While there, multi-Latin Grammy nominee Marteen Andruet. Yet that’s not where his passion for learning and music began.

When he was young, he learned to play the piano and later the guitar. When he was 22, he studied at the Sociedad de Autores y Compositors de México (SACM) Academy, where he formally learned how to write songs. Similar to his experience in Los Angeles, he also received mentoring from another multi-Latin Grammy award-winner, Monica Vélez.

By the following year, Luis had moved to La Habana, Cuba. He received education from Jessee Suárez Ramos, another multi-awarded Latin Grammy nominee Jessee Suárez Ramos, who taught him vital information about music production.

After dedicating his time to pursuing knowledge and his passion for music, Luis’s time in Cuba became pivotal for his career and musical identity. Eventually, he made his way back to Mexico and his first incursion in the music industry as a songwriter alongside the Mariachi singer Lauro Piñera.

Together, they co-wrote Piñera’s first single, Promesas de Amor, in his album with the same name. Multi-Latin Grammy-winning producers Chucho and Fabián Rincón produced the album. Meanwhile, Luis also worked as the recording engineer for renowned artists like Lil Nas X, Myke Towers, The Kid Laroi, and more. He also had other opportunities to work with artists such as Sting, Luis Fonsi, Rauw Alejandro, Manuel Torizo, and more.

Luis is currently recording, mixing, and mastering the next full album for King Chip, the multi-platinum rap legend.

Another recent project Luis produced and is about to release is a single written and performed by the talented Velia Kalipso. The song is a romantic mid-tempo ballad apt for a nostalgic, rainy afternoon, best accompanied by a warm drink.

His music demonstrates his expertise since he efficiently portrays and captures the energy and mood of the song. As most of his songs portray, Luis single-handedly combined various elements of music, allowing listeners to feel protected, fuzzy, and comfortable, yet small and vulnerable. Luis masterfully merged all these emotions in the song, which is why people should look out for its release on November 22, 2022.

Even though Luis accomplished and learned a lot throughout his career, he remains open to the possibilities of gaining more knowledge, furthering his craft, and producing compelling songs that help shape a generation.

Photographer: Pablo Martinez



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