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Interview with Montufar

Montufar's music contains a mixture of new wave elements, modern pop melodies and an elegant alternative rock atmosphere; recorded at Chapel Studios with producer Jeronimo Quintana and mastered by multi-Grammy winners Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound.

'Ojos' stands out from the rest due to its minimalist sound attributes contained in the production and its intimate lyrics. It is a song of nostalgia and heartbreak swimming in a sea of ​​contradictions.

To know a little about the history of MONTUFAR, How was the process of creating the group?

It all came to be in a very natural and subconscious way. The idea was always there. Everything took form when I recorded the demo version of Ojos; I think that’s when I knew that this had to be taken to a more serious scenario than just being demos on SoundCloud.

How has your recording experience been? Are you happy with the result of your new single “OJOS”

It was fun. I had a great time recording it in Mexico City with producer Jeronimo Quintana. Our taste in music is fairly the same. Also the musicians we had were stunningly great as well. They all gave their best to the track. Now everyone loves the song. Which feels good to know.

Can you share some of your musical background that lead you to this moment in your life?

I really don’t have any formal musical background. Never took lessons. I learned it all from YouTube, albums, concerts, and people that I know from the industry that I consider them as my mentors.

What’s your message behind this track?

That we will always contradict ourselves in the process of trying to forget someone we used to want in our lives.

In this difficult time that we are all going through, How does this whole situation affect you in a creative level?

It only did in the scheduling for the recording session at the studio, which was no big deal. Gave me time to polish my ideas. This whole things has given me time.

Lastly, what do you look forward to in 2022?

More music and maybe some gigs.



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