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Inside The World’s Largest, Members-Only Superyacht

Updated: May 20, 2020

British luxury concierge company Quintessentially is setting out to create the world’s largest superyacht. The members-only service, which costs around $18,700 per year to join, will be debuting a new $311 million vessel in 2019. Dubbed “the world’s largest floating private membership club,” the yacht will travel the globe all year long, making stops for passengers to attend high-profile events such as the Monaco Yacht Show, the Cannes Film Festival or the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Currently, the largest yacht in the world is Azzam, which is around 590 feet long, but when Quintessentially One debuts it’ll be 720 feet long. To finance the project, five billionaires paid around USD $10.6 each towards its cost, which in turn granted them their own suites within the yacht. The rest of the funds, around USD $260 million, will be made up by Quintessentially through debt financing from Norway and Italy.

“It will travel the globe to where the wealthy want to go and be seen,” said Aaron Simpson, Quintessentially’s co-founder and chairman. “Where the traditional cruise model is to go somewhere, dock and get off; we will dock and people will want to get on.” Of course, when not docking, guests can enjoy plenty of activities and exclusive parties with famous performers such as Elton John. The company has ties with a myriad of artists whom regularly perform for Quintessentially-hosted events and client birthday parties.

The yacht will also include a library, theater, spa, gym, marina, “beach area,” shopping, the iconic The Wolseley restaurant and a bar/nightclub along with 112 lower berth rooms within a boutique-style hotel. The stylish Club Reception room will include a 1920s-style imperial staircase, oyster bar, grand piano, and a sparkling chandelier.

Members can also purchase a permanent luxury residence, ensuring their room is always available at any given time. Suite owners will have access to even more exclusive perks such as membership at Club One, which boasts its own private restaurant, bar and complimentary beauty treatments. Rooms start at around $2,500 a night, but even as a Quintessential member, you’ll still need to be “invited” in order to book a cabin.

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