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Gaby Lagarda Releases her New Single 'Queens Don't Beg for Love'

Singer/songwriter Gaby Lagarda releases her New Single 'Queens Don't Beg for Love', and we had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Are there any songs on this new EP that have taken on a new meaning to you due to the current state of the world?

Yes, my song “Passion” started as a motivational message for myself. It talks about trying to find what I truly enjoy and encouraging myself to keep going and work towards my goals. Passion without action is just an idea, and after the pandemic hit, it made me realize how important this is not just for me but for everyone. It doesn’t matter how big, small, if it’s a creative goal or not, we all have dreams and the pandemic has taught us that life is short and we should be focusing on what matters to us the most. If we do a little bit of what we love every day, it adds up and it’s just a matter of time to finally get what you want. I often think of the “what ifs”, and I rather try over and over again to achieve something than not trying at all.

What has been the defining moment in your career that has made you change your sound or is it the same?

When I first moved to LA from Mexico, I wanted to learn about the industry and work on my music project. I wanted to define my style of music and what kind of message I wanted to express with it. It took me a while to sit down and do some introspection because it all comes down to who I am, my experiences and my taste in music. Before this moment, I hadn’t defined who I was and what I liked yet. That was a pivotal moment for me because I decided to write my own songs and take creative control. Something that I didn’t have in previous projects.

What similarities and differences did you notice in the creative process?

I think we all have different creative processes. For me, whenever I want to write something I stop listening to music all together. I don’t want to be so influenced by what I’m hearing, so I go inside myself and decide what I want to write about and what kind of rhythm or style it will be. After having pages of words, poems and lyrics, I start paring it down and imagining what the melodies should sound like. Then I start listening to music references and sounds to put it all together into an idea. Once I have the solidified idea, I present it to a producer friend who will help me bring the sound into life. I love this process, but I’m not married to it. I’m open to learning from others and discovering new ways of creating.

Before the release of Creator / Destroyer have you been working on other projects?

Yes, previously I released my first EP titled “Souldier” which is a portmanteau of “soul” + “soldier.” This EP reflected the way I identify myself as a loyal person who will fight for what I believe in always. It was my very first time writing and producing my music videos which was very exciting! Before that, I used to live in Guadalajara, Mexico where I worked on projects for other artists.

What's next for you?

I’m excited for the showcase I’ll be doing on December 8th in Los Angeles. This is a live performance of my new songs that I’ve been promoting this year. This is a great way for me to close the year. In the new year I will begin writing again and my goal is to collaborate with other artists, writers and creatives. I want to explore other genre fusions and come up with empowering music that will lift our spirits.



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