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DJ Beachball Performs in Nature

DJ Beachball is taking his music to another level by performing in nature, at events that improve people’s lives. He is performing at events where you’ll find yourself dancing out in nature during a sunrise or sunset. He wants to empower wellness and an epic DJ’d dance party.

“People leave better than when they came,” DJ Beachball says. The DJ set includes games designed for community building, connection and expression. It’s not just music and regular “stay with your friends dancing.”

The night club feeling of fun and excitement are still present however the club lights are replaced with a beautiful sunset and an unforgettable view from the top of the mountain. DJ Beachball uses the power of music, dance, and community to empower people; with a large inspiration from the emergence of Dance Therapy. DJ Beachball uses both music and dance to create breakthroughs and therapeutic effects. He says “It’s not uncommon for people to attend a DJ Beachball event and cry tears of joy, or leave the event saying that it had changed their life. The format and design of the events are meant to be liberating and empowering: using the science of dance therapy.”

Each event also includes meditation, yoga and other wellness practices before the dance party begins. This gives the attendees a chance to really drop into themselves and disconnect from anything that may be on their mind and connect with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. The meditations are beginner friendly that steer our focus on that which we are grateful for. It also provides a good healthy fun way for people to try wellness practices like yoga and meditation for the first time.

DJ Beachball’s live music wellness events were inspired from his profound experience of Meditation.

Music and dance allows us to shift our emotional states to new levels many attendees previously didn’t know were possible.

As the global pandemic began, all the meditations studios and nightclubs were required to shut down. Like many others, I felt the need for empowering community events more than ever. I missed the community! And I knew I wasn’t the only one. I had to do something. So I did. With safety protocols in effect, I began hosting DJ Beachball’s first outdoor meditation dance parties.



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