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Customise your Earrings with New Interchangeable Precious Stone Droplets from VANLELES

Luxury jewellery designer, Vania Leles, experiments with responsibly sourced gemstones as she brings interchangeable earring designs to her already much-loved Nile collection.

Within The Nile collection, Vania Leles has captured perfectly the exotic vibrance of Ancient Egypt, with the deep history of the longest river in the world serving as the main inspiration behind these truly exquisite jewellery designs. And as the powerful river continues to flow, so does the creativity that Vania Leles is known for, as she brings brand-new earring designs to the collection.

Ethically sourced and responsibly mined gemstones have always been at the forefront of all VANLELES creations, and this time the jewellery-lover can decide for themselves which colour gemstone best sits inside the fluid lines of its gold cocoon, as they can now choose from earring add-ons in the form of diamonds, emeralds, rubellite and pink and blue sapphires.

The fluid gold lines of the original Nile hoop earring are elevated by the addition of a single gemstone, which simply loops onto the frame and can be interchanged for a different stone when a change of style is required. The Nile collection also showcases new small and mini versions of the 18k yellow gold hoop to allow for more styling opportunities.

This concept has brought a new, versatile way to accessorise to the luxury jewellery market. All hoop earrings and earring add-ons are available to shop now.



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