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Crafting Elegance: Georgina Jewelry's Fusion of Culture and Contemporary Style

Georgina Jewelry blends contemporary fashion trends with her rich cultural heritage and traditional influences. The result is an unparalleled brand identity that embodies both freshness and timelessness, with a classic touch reflecting Georgina's genuine passions and creativity.

Over the years, the American/Mexican jewelry house has reinvented the norms representing the most absolute elegance.


Georgina Jewelry was created in 2010 by Kansas City-based designer Georgina Herrera. Georgina, born in Mexico, founded the company after years of working in international business for several companies. Her years of business success has led her to be nominated for several Women-Owned and Minority-Owned business awards. 

Georgina's belief in empowering women to embrace their confidence shows through her exquisite jewelry line. Inspired by the character, strength, and determination of modern women, each piece in her collection is meticulously crafted to make a bold statement, whether it adorns the halls of a formal gala or adds flair to a casual gathering. From the boardroom to the ballroom, Georgina Jewelry offers a piece for every occasion, allowing women to express their unique style effortlessly.


Her stunning creations have graced the runways of iconic events like Miami Swim Week, as well as the stages of Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. They have also been pioneers of the virtual fashion week movement originated during 2020 by unveiling their latest collection in the International Digital Fashion Week created by FNL Network.


These wearable works of art captivate onlookers, leaving a lasting impression and elevating the confidence of the women who wear them.


As a firm believer of “team work makes dream work”, in 2019 Gergina entered into an exciting partnership with the president and owner of MANICA Architecture, David Manica, and model and marketing professional Noelle Manica, to continue the expansion of Georgina Jewelry worldwide. Georgina Jewelry can be found in cities around the world, such as fashion capitals like New York at The Copper Room and Flying Solo, or London at Wolf & Badger, among many other places.


Georgina Jewelry has, not only rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, but also must-have hand bags and hair pieces, all of them best characterized by their architectural shape and geometric detailing. The collections have unique pieces that can be personalized and with styles that can’t be found anywhere else.


For more information visit Georgina Jewelry’s website 



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