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Chris Cuomo Could Sue CNN for $18 Million Dollars

CNN fired its most-watched anchor, over the weekend, Chris Cuomo over the help he gave his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in sexual harassment allegations.

Reports have suggested that Chris Cuomo is considering pursuing CNN for $18 million, said to be the remaining value of his multi-year contract with the network.

Cuomo apologized on air in May for coaching his brother and his political team through the allegations, saying he had never hidden it.

However, legal fillings released by the New York Attorney General's office in November indicated that he also leveraged his position as a powerful journalist to assist his brother.

On Monday, the New York Post and Puck News reported that Chris Cuomo plans to sue the network with the Post saying he would seek the roughly $18 million remaining on his contract. Cuomo did not respond to Insider's request for confirmation of this.



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