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BMW's Vision Neue Klasse Concept: Pioneering the Future of Car Design and Sustainability

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept provides a glimpse into the future of car design, showcasing innovative features such as exterior lighting effects, E Ink panels, and a minimalist cabin. In anticipation of the brand's transformation in 2025, BMW is set to adopt a new identity characterized by sustainability, user-friendly technology, and a design philosophy termed "phygital."

This transformation, spearheaded by BMW's head of design, Domagoj Dukec, aims to propel the brand into a new era, departing from conventional norms. The Vision Neue Klasse, in its initial impression, appears to deviate from the typical large SUV, presenting itself as a white sedan with a subtle yellow tint, featuring a distinctive face and an absence of the iconic BMW blue badging. The renowned kidney grille, a longstanding BMW hallmark, takes on a novel interpretation in this concept, departing from its traditional role as a cooling element.

Dukec emphasizes the imperative of ensuring the continuous evolution of BMW's legacy. Rather than signaling a specific future model, the Vision Neue Klasse introduces design elements that will be integrated into multiple products slated for release between 2025 and 2027. The forthcoming models, numbering between six to seven, will collectively embody the spirit of the Neue Klasse.

The iconic kidney grilles, present in various forms since the 1933 303 model, undergo a transformative shift in response to the electric vehicle revolution. The Vision Neue Klasse replaces the conventional grille with dual kidney shapes serving as a dynamic lighting graphic. These shapes, resembling chrome, not only house the headlights but also provide the car with the ability to alter its appearance dynamically. This innovative approach not only repurposes the function of the kidneys but also streamlines the design by eliminating unnecessary components. In essence, the Vision Neue Klasse reflects BMW's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, embracing sustainability, and integrating cutting-edge technology into their future lineup.



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