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Bilal Rehman is Redefining Interior Design with a Bold and Luxurious Vision

From a curious interior design intern to the CEO of his own company in just four years, Bilal Rehman's journey in the industry is nothing short of remarkable. Overcoming challenges and defying traditional expectations, Rehman has carved a unique path for himself. With his distinct design style, impressive social media presence, and upcoming e-commerce store, he continues to make waves in the world of interior design. In this exclusive interview, Rehman shares his insights, experiences, and key lessons that have shaped his growth and success.

Your journey from an interior design intern to CEO of your own company in just four years is impressive. Can you share some key lessons or experiences that shaped your growth and success in the industry?

Rehman: I initially started as an intern out of curiosity, while studying computer engineering in college. I fell in love with the design elements and quietly pursued it without my parents' knowledge, as they wanted me to become a doctor. Despite their initial disapproval, I continued to grow and eventually progressed from an intern to a senior designer. Finally, I launched my own company in Houston, inspired by the bold vibes and unique objects found in LA and NY styles.

Your social media presence has played a significant role in promoting your business and showcasing your unique take on design. How do you balance creating content and running your design studio? What role has social media played in your career?

Rehman: Before this year, I managed my social media account, experimenting with various posts. However, everything changed when I brought my sister, Mia, on board. She helped me present my authentic self on camera, just as I would interact with my clients. Being genuine and relatable has been crucial in growing an audience and gaining followers. Social media has allowed people to get to know me before they even meet me. As for balancing content creation and running the studio, I'm excited to announce that our marketing division is coming soon!

In your commercial projects, you strive to create spaces that stand out and have a stylish atmosphere. Can you give us some insights into your approach to designing commercial spaces that leave a lasting impression on customers?

Rehman: When designing commercial spaces, we prioritize aesthetics and the overall experience. We consider factors such as smells, textures, lighting, and how people appear under different lighting conditions. It's essential for individuals to feel comfortable and at ease within these spaces. By creating atmospheres that people want to return to repeatedly, we leave a lasting impression on customers.

Growing up with immigrant parents, you were expected to pursue a traditional career path. What challenges did you face in pursuing your passion for interior design, and how did you overcome them?

Rehman: Initially, my parents wanted me to become a lawyer, doctor, or computer professional. However, as I progressed in my career and started taking on clients independently, I would bring my parents to see my projects. Witnessing the impact of my designs and the support I received from clients, my parents began to wholeheartedly support me. The challenges I faced were rooted in their upbringing, where art was often viewed as a hobby rather than a viable career. Over time, their perspective shifted, and they became proud advocates of my passion.

With your upcoming e-commerce store, you aim to make any space feel more luxurious through home goods. Can you give us a sneak peek into the types of products or design elements we can expect to find in your store?

Rehman: In addition to dishes and art pieces, our e-commerce store will feature a wide range of products and design elements aimed at making any space feel more luxurious. We believe in the power of details and the impact they can have on transforming a room. You can expect to find exquisite furniture pieces that blend elegance with functionality, stunning lighting fixtures to create ambiance, luxurious textiles and decor accessories to add texture and depth, and much more.

Bilal Rehman's journey from an intern to a leading figure in the interior design industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs alike. His passion, dedication, and ability to defy conventions have propelled him to great heights. Through his distinctive design style, strategic use of social media, and the upcoming launch of his e-commerce store, Rehman continues to push boundaries and redefine the concept of luxury in interior design. Be sure to explore his unique creations and immerse yourself in the world of Bilal Rehman Studio.



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