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Ariana Grande Wore the '13 Going on 30' Dress for 'The Voice' Live

The Voice recently started its live shows and Ariana Grande has been glowing from day one.

This is Ariana's first time as a Voice coach and her first time doing live shows, so she has very carefully pick her dresses. This time she flashed the audience with a gorgeous Donatella Versace green dress that happens to be the same one that Jennifer Garner wore to play Jenna Rink in the 2004's 13 Going on 30.

Donatella posted this photo and captioned it: My gorgeous girl @arianagrande in Versace SS03 for her first The Voice live show!!! 🦋🧚

Ariana took the look to the next level, wearing her hair in a spiky bun and accessorizing just like Jenny did in the movie.



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