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Alican Akman: The Turkish actor who won the heart of Hollywood

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, the actor and content creator Alican Akman captivates his fans at first sight due to his eccentricity. The truth is Alican has got the best of both worlds: his Turkish accent and culture combined with the talent and experience of Hollywood.

With one foot in Izmir and the other one in the city of Angels Alican is extremely different from any other actor you have heard of. He is not only an actor, but an active content creator on Youtube and several other social media platforms, a true lover of the arts who pours his heart out on every performance.

Alican’s first big appearance on the screens happened when he played the role of a young man on “Leyla Ile Mecnun”, Turkey’s biggest television series. In fact, the series was so big, it was the first Turkish series to break into IMDB’s top 250 best series.

Since then, he quickly caught the attention of the biggest Turkish directors and got casted for movies such as Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi and Itirazim Var. Alican had the honor of working with Onur Unlu, Turkey’s most acclaimed director who is also a famous producer, screenwriter and actor. Both movies mentioned before, which were directed by Onur, received the prestigious Altin Portakal movie awards in Turkey.

But once he had hit the ceiling in his home country, Alican was not ready to settle. His passion and ambition for success on the screens ended up bringing him to Hollywood, where he continued to perfect his craft, learning from Eric Morris and Ivana Chubbuck, both outstanding acting coaches, who have trained some of the biggest Hollywood stars.

Alican’s efforts definitely paid off ! Today, Akman is preparing to star in a non-disclosed Turkish-American co-production romantic comedy that will air on Netflix. He is also working on an American movie, in which he plays the role of a Turkish character.

“The actor’s path is a tough one. We get rejected on a daily basis, it is very easy to let casting directors crush your self-esteem. But if I had to give advice to anyone out there starting out, it would be to never give up. It is only those who keep pushing, the ones who end up making it. I promise you, once you get your first big appearance, the rest just falls into place”

- Empowering words by Alican Akman

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