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AC Hampton: The Dropshipping Mogul with a Vision for Change

AC Hampton changed the game for thousands of people around the world becoming the person to follow specially in the U.S. and Latin America.

This Kansas City guy became a dropshipping mogul and an example that proves that not giving up is the key to success.

AC started doing dropshipping and his first attempt lasted two months and he lost every dollar.

Then, he found a winning product and his life changed forever.

AC’s first winning product made $100k in revenue in less than thirty days. January 2019 came around and he made about 10% profit, which went straight into his bank account. But it wasn’t just a steady incline. In fact, he had numerous failed weeks on the heels of his first win.

Just when things started to look bleak again, he found another winning product, which did $1.8 million in six months. He started posting his stories and people started reaching out to him to find out how he was finding this success.

AC’s bumps in the road steadied out into a series of predictable successes. As his social media accounts grew and interest in his strategies escalated, he decided to develop a course. It blew up.

He segued into YouTube, where he now has over 33K subscribers who regularly seek him out as a mentor. Starting in summer of 2020, he offered 10 spots a month to one-on-one mentorships. The first day those opened, they filled up completely.

The next month, he opened up another 10 spots and the demand was still overwhelming. That’s when he started seeking partners, tapping people who had successfully gone through his mentorships and elevating them to positions of leadership.

AC trained these people up and pivoted into consulting. His business, Supreme E-com, was named the #1 recommended Dropshipping E-Commerce Agency in 2021.

Within nine months of emergence onto the public stage, he held his first conference. It sold out, with people flying in from all over the country and even other countries.

“The first thing I did when I got in that conference was ask for people who weren’t from Texas to raise their hands. Everyone raised their hands. That’s when I realized: this is crazy. This is something big.”

In January 2021, AC hosted his second conference. More people than ever were asking for mentorships and consulting. He realized he needed more people who could do web design, copywriting, sales, operations, etc. His hiring process streamlined as his team grew.

“It’s really just me and the team, every day, getting on calls with people, dropping YouTube videos, dropping all types of courses.”

His courses include:

  • Blueprint

  • Crash Course

  • Free Course

Email newsletters are available which provide ongoing tips. He has private Facebook groups for one-on-one attention.

April of this year will be another sold-out affair and AC and his team show no signs of slowing down. The key difference between AC and similar entrepreneurs is his vision for empowering others.

“I’ve probably generated close to $10 million in sales since I started. All of the people coming out of my mentorships have come out with 7, 8, 9 figures by themselves. We generated 72 people who quit their nine to five jobs to make this full-time work.”

His unbelievable work ethic and commitment to change are a differentiator that are forming the foundation of an empire.

“We’re expanding services, helping people all over the place with all kinds of resources. I have a bunch of services that I provide people. I drop YouTube videos every single week: I never miss a week.”

AC’s stated goal is not only inspirational, it’s aspirational.

“My goal, out of everything, is to create generational wealth for people who are the exact same as me. I’m nobody special. All I did was open up a laptop, have Wifi, and I knew my ‘why.’ I’ve created generational wealth for myself. I’m still striving to do this every day to help others do the same thing.”

Coming, as he did, from a modest background, fueled only by his own ambition and armed with a sharp strategic mind, AC is now paving the way for hosts of new people to find similar success in this field.

That giving spirit not only shows up in his bottom line: but boosts the future of everyone he comes into contact with.

“I did it for myself, so I know I can do it for others.”



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