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Exclusive Interview With HBO Actress Mariana Flores

We talked to Mexican actress Mariana Flores who moved to Los Angeles at a young age to study acting at one of the most prestigious acting school in the world, the Stella Adler Academy.

Through the course of her career she has worked for different platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, PBS, among others; she stared in 5 episodes for Dhar Mann Studios where she co-worked with Vinn Sander, Carlos R Chavez, Mair Mulroney, Michael Vaccaro, among others. She has also worked for the Hulu TV-Show Chance along with Hugh Laurie, Ginger Gonzaga, Alejandro Barrios and Tony Plana, been nominated as best supporting actress at the FilmQuest Festival for the role of Felipita, The Dishwasher, which streamed on HBO.

What is your strength as an actor?

Discipline, regardless of my talent, I am a very discipline actor, I get the work done, I am constantly working in my craft, improving my general accent, exposing myself, walking through my fears, auditioning, meditating, work on my mind, health and body, I do everything in my power to improve, to stand out, to be better than the day before and will always be like this, because like in everything in life, it can always be better.

Can you tell us a bit about your next project?

Yes, I am working on a TV- Mini Series called C’est La Vie, we’ve been selected in so many festivals this year, and received several awards.

C’est La Vie are anthologies of life, compilation of facts, realities, situations or circumstances of everyday life, which provoke in the audience a direct identification, through essential human sensations such as empathy, laughter, love, rejection and even hatred. Each mini-episode encompasses one or more ideas without contemplating any conclusion or climax for the sole purpose of moving humanity. To raise awareness of hidden realities. C’est La Vie has been recently accepted as an Official Selection of the Eighth Annual Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival.

Do you still get nervous going in front of the camera?

Yes, I do. But I think it's a good thing, it reminds me how much I care for what I do, and I have learned to use it as a fuel for my art. However, one thing that can also help make that fear go away, will be hard work, being disciplined and doing your homework, understanding the character and the circumstances they are living in.

How would you want to impact the world as an actor?

I just really love the idea of bringing light into this world through stories or characters, like helping others empathize with the circumstances someone is living in. It's such an important human thing and quality we should all learn to achieve. Even myself, I’ve caught myself judging characters, and discovering the reason why they do what they do along the way, making me soften and understand, they don't know anything better, compassion really helps you understand human beings, and it's such a wonderful tool for acting.

A character you would want to play.

I’d love to play an addict. I believe these characters are really tough, not only because of their vices but because they are so detached from reality. I always get stereotypes such as a mother, immigrant or both, however these days, that has changed, I’ve got a chance to be in several episodes for Dhar Mann studios where I play the role of Ally a female cop humiliated by her coworkers, the role of Abby, the next-door neighbor or friend, among other characters.

Outside of acting, do you have any other major interests or passions?

I enjoy writing, developing characters and creating stories that can also make people identify themselves, everything that involves film, I am completely and entirely in love with. I also consider myself a very healthy, positive, active person, who enjoys weight lifting, hiking, traveling, taking care of my body, mind and soul, this is more in a physical and psychological level, for me the body is the instrument of how the world will perceive you, whatever you feed your body, such as food or thoughts, we will be able to project that, so I really work very hard in order to maintain a healthy mind and body and not because I care what would others think about me, but because I genuinely want to stay healthy, live longer, be happy, satisfied and if people can perceive that, I think it will be a wonderful way to encourage other to do so.

Photographer: Antoine Maume



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