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Evolving with the Times: Delfina Soto and her Artistic Inspiration

Artists often have a specific approach that defines their craft and its output. Although these approaches make them distinct, they also find other sources of inspiration to expand their creativity and remain relevant in their respective fields or mediums.

Take, for instance, Argentinean graphic designer Delfina Soto, who boasts a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, specializing in digital and print design. Since graphic design in digital and print platforms must be compelling and imaginative each time, she has to explore various sources of inspiration to offer new and captivating designs each time.

Fortunately, she finds inspiration and balance from various creative outlets.

“Art, music, photography, and spending time outdoors rejuvenates my mind and fuel my creativity. Traveling, immersing myself in different cultures and observing the world around me all contribute to my ever-evolving design aesthetic,” Soto said. “Fueled by my deep passion for design and my love for the smallest details, I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity in all my pursuits. I find immense joy in bringing unique and relatable elements to every project I take on, making it a fulfilling journey of self-expression and connection”.

Her continuous search for a fresh perspective and inspiration equips her with the knowledge and imagination she needs to deliver on her tasks. After all, Soto commits herself to providing visually stunning and engaging marketing materials, whether collaborating with renowned brands or assisting small businesses in promoting their unique offerings.

Yet Soto’s passion for graphic design didn’t manifest itself early in her life. However, it didn’t stop her from realizing it and its potential to propel her into the career path she now successfully traverses.

It all began when she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in advertising, where she discovered her true calling in the creative aspects of communication. Her epiphany led her to jumpstart her career as a designer in the hospitality industry–beginning with We-Tag, a well-known Argentinean travel agency.

Later, she joined the marketing team at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt were aside from her contributions to designing the national flavor campaigns, Delfina crafted marketing creative for over 300 franchisees, bolstering their local store marketing endeavors. Through her exceptional design work, she provided the franchisees with the essential resources to effectively promote their businesses and drive sales growth.

Nowadays, the Argentinean graphic designer is a dynamic team member at Jiti, an interior design company known for its impressive client roster. She wears the hat of the sole designer, which prompts her to make marketing collateral, manage the brand’s social media presence, and design patterns for pillows and furniture.

“Within the hospitality and food industry, I discover immense fulfillment, harmoniously blending my passion for design with an appreciation for crafting distinctive and welcoming environments. This creative synergy allows me to infuse each project with a touch of uniqueness, captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression. As I continue my journey in this industry, my commitment to elevating customer experiences through exceptional design remains unwavering, and I am eager to embrace new challenges and inspire those around me with my creative vision.” she shared.

It’s safe to say that Soto has found her calling in life–one that allows her to enjoy what she does and find inspiration from the things around her.



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