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The Modern Chameleon LLC All Natural Candles

The Modern Chameleon LLC is a new all natural brand of beautiful candles that will make your home smell delicious while not affecting your health or the environment!

Make your home a sanctuary of good energy with these paraben free, aluminum free, gluten free, and plastic free products.

Modern Chameleon LLC also offers clean fragrance glass home décor diffusers made with 100% natural diffuser base designed for optimal + clean fragrance with no phthalates, parabens, sulfates or petroleum. They fully support recycling their products and no use of plastics climate change organizations.

They offer a wide range of clean scents such as Love Rose, perfect for Valentine’s Day; Avocado mist soy; Apple and Kale soy; Black lavender and soy, and many others.

Modern Chameleon LLC is a 100% Black Owned and 100% Women Owned and run business that uses 100% of locally sourced USA vendors.

The owner the founder and creative director of Ouch! Magazine, Mrs. Rhonda McKnight.

When the Pandemic hit and we were on lockdown 2019-2020 she was able to look at her other passions which has always been protecting herself and others form harsh chemicals that pollute us and make us sick. Being part vegetarian and particularly vegan she decided to start a wellness brand.

Something she loves is a great clean, sustainable candle and room mist. So, The Modern Chameleon LLC. was born. Learning how to create hand-poured candles via zoom classes she made various samples and sent them to a few celebrity friends. She received praises from the long-lasting scents and the value of having a well-made candle. Now this is a new journey she is excited to take.

The meaning of “The Modern Chameleon” (themodernchameleon) is ever changing and that’s what she has done all her life and will continue to change as so many women have. She feels this brand is a perfect marriage of her background in fashion. Rhonda makes new collections every month with themes to the mood she’s in.

Check out their website

And follow them on Instagram to stay posted with the new collections!



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