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Stefni Valencia Releases her New Single “Qué Esperaste.”

Singer Stefni Valencia celebrates the Hispanic Heritage month with her new single “Qué Esperaste.” We talked to her in an exclusive interview.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, " No te Cambiaré ." how inspiration struck for this song?

Thank you! “No Te Cambiaré” was inspired by my grandmother. She used to tell me “Mija even if you were made out of gold, people would still find something wrong with you. You are perfect the way you are.” So, I wanted to spread that message to the world for anyone that needs to hear “you are perfect the way you are.” I want future generations to love themselves and to be proud of who they are. I want to inspire and empower people with my music and I want them to know a sunset, or a moon, are beautiful and I would not change them, so why would I change anyone as unique?

We love the beautiful layers of emotion that you pour into your music, what is the formula that allows you to create your best work?

The formula that allows me to create my best work - wow I don’t know! There is no real formula, I just go with it. I cannot force creativity. Music has always been my way of expressing myself so I just release whatever I am feeling with my music. I guess I let the music do the talking.

What does this EP “Mariposas de Fuego” mean to you? What do you hope your audience can take away from it?

“Mariposas de Fuego” is a project filled with so much love, passion, and fire. I want people to use my songs as a tool to find their voice. I have had songs change my life, and I want to be able to offer a song to someone that really speaks to their heart and lets them know they are not alone.

What has been the best piece of advice that you've learned in 2021?

Get out of your head! I feel that is something I am constantly reminding myself of- is to get out of my head and to stop focusing on the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve - just stop and celebrate every single victory!

What plans do you have for your career in 2022?

I have so many goals and plans for 2022! One is writing more, releasing “Mariposas De Fuego”, and I would love to collaborate with my fellow artists, and



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