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Alejandro Amézquita, the Artist We Love

Today we want to feature a very special artist. His name is Alejandro Amézquita and he impressed us with his work.

Alejandro is a Music Director and guitarist from Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

A music director leads musical groups through recording sessions or live performances. These directors are responsible for the quality of the music so ensure it is played at the right speed, volume, rhythm, and pitch. They often are musicians themselves and play multiple instruments. This is the case of Alejandro Amézquita, a trained musician and guitarist who performs with internationally known pop artists while laying down creative guitar parts in studio sessions.

Alejandro Amézquita started to play the guitar at a very young age, which profoundly captivated him to the point of making it his career. A few years later, when he was only 16 years old, this Mexican musician started to perform live at local venues in his home town, Puerto Vallarta. His passion for music and guitar was so big that it took him no time to decide that he wanted to make it big in this career. And where better than in the mecca of entertainment? So, at age 19 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. And it did work out!

Alejandro always knew that he wanted to do things the best possible way, so he chose the best music school: The Musicians Institute Hollywood—a school which taught the likes of Bishop Briggs, Anderson Paak and John Frusciante.

During and after his preparation, Alejandro Amézquita’s work was notice in the music industry and he soon started to work with some of the biggest artists in Hollywood.

He has played at The Rose Parade’s New Year Celebration, performed with Grammy nominated artist Mickey Guyton at California’s Rose Bowl Stadium, and has regular writing sessions with renowned musician Randy Jackson, who’s played with many big names such as Journey, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Mariah Carey, to name just a few of the hundreds of interesting things he is working on.

Stay posted on Alejandro’s work on Instagram!



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